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  In order to qualify for one of our residential rentals, applicants should:
  • have reasonably good credit.  We look for evidence that an applicant has a history of meeting financial obligations.  We realize that an applicant who has been through foreclosure may still be a good risk and we investigate each case individually.

  • have a good rental history.  We check with previous landlords to determine if an applicant has paid rent on time, treated the property and neighbors with respect, complied with all the terms of the previous rental agreement, and left on good terms with the landlord owing no rent or damages.

  • have sufficient and stable sources of income.  We do not consider sources of income that are temporary or unstable.  All income must be documented.  Self-employed applicants should expect to produce income tax returns.

  • be a law-abiding citizen.  We check criminal records to determine this.

We require that every adult who is to occupy the rental unit:

  • pay an application fee of $25.

  • provide valid identification.

  • be named as a party to and sign the rental agreement.

You can get started with the application process by downloading, printing, and completing the following two part application:

Application Part 1

Print the Application Part 1 once for the entire application

Application Part 2

Print the Application Part 2 once for each adult applicant

  • Complete each section in full. 

  • If we are unable to contact any reference, including previous landlords and employers, we may be unable to approve the application.

  • Residence history must be complete and without gaps.  The entire period of time requested must be accounted for, including temporary residences such as with family, friends, hotels, etc.

  • Falsified information will cause the application to be denied.

  • Additional sheets of paper may be used if there is not room enough on the application.